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Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Turkish Investor Residency: A Comprehensive Guide to Recent Changes

Significant modifications have been implemented in the investor residence tier, a pivotal phase within the mandatory process of the Turkiye Citizenship by Investment. Primarily, a new directive from T.R. Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs mandating the procurement of a residence permit for the spouse in instances where the investor's marital status is married. Nevertheless, a noteworthy nuance lies in, unlike the investor-type residence...

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Legislator’s Attitude and Latest Changes Made in CBI Turkiye

In this blog, I'll discuss the significant changes occurring in Turkiye citizenship, linking them to previous legislative discussions. Two major changes stood out in 2022: adjustments in foreign currency documentation and a raised citizenship requirement of $400,000. Yet, seemingly minor changes wield significant influence among investors. These modifications include the abolishment of acquiring different citizenships based on a single property, ceasing the allowance of partial owner...

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Exploring the Concept of Global Citizenship and Investment Migration

Bibliography for table information: Henley & Partners, Investment Migrations Programs 2022 The Definitive Comparison of the Leading Residence and Citizenship Programs, Zurich/Switzerland, Ideos Publications Ltd., 2022 One of the things we, as humans, cannot choose is the country we are born into as citizens. Many people in the world today are dissatisfied with certain aspects of their home country and choose to travel to different nations, often with the intentio...

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Important Updates Regarding The Acquisition of Turkiye Citizenship By Investment

With the amendment made in the Circular No. 2019/5 issued within the scope of the Implementation Regulation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, significant changes have been made in the implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, effective as of 01.01.2023. Preliminary Contract for Real Estate Sale It is stipulated that transactions based on the promise to sell immovable should be made with a single contract per investor. Moreover, in case of signing a preliminary contract for sale for mo...

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Name Choice in Turkish Citizenship Applications

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment program provides applicants with the chance to change their name to a Turkish name. Applicants can either; Change their name to a Turkish name or  Keep their names as they are (Note that there may be some adjustments needed to the original names in order to meet law requirements) A Name Change to Turkish Applicants may adopt the Turkish versions of their original name. For example, a client named “MOHAMED / ABDELQADR” can get the n...

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