Turkish Citizenship Application Process

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Citizenship applications can only be submitted after the investor has obtained their residence permit. The applications are made sequentially with the steps described below:

  • A request is made for the citizenship appointment from the website of the Civil Registry and Citizenship Affairs Administration.
  • The documents required to be included in the citizenship application are prepared prior to the appointment date.
  • Before the scheduled appointment date, clients must determine whether they prefer to take Turkish names and/or surnames, or keep their original names as they are, and inform their Onyx Global representative of their decision. For further details about the name change process please visit: [Name Choice in Turkish Citizenship Applications]
  • After the applications are submitted, the submission document is shared with clients by their Onyx representative. The client may track their application using the tracking numbers listed on the submission document.
  • The length of the approval period may vary depending on the working schedule of the administrative institutions and the density of the applications.
  • The approval period consists of a few due diligence stages. Onyx Global regularly checks clients’ application status and updates them on a regular basis.
  • After the approval of the application, another appointment must be made from the Civil Registry and Citizenship Affairs Administration to obtain the Naturalization Certificates from the Citizenship Office.
  • The final step is to apply for the clients Turkish ID Card and Passport, appointments for which can be scheduled in Turkiye or from the Turkish Consulates abroad.
June 07 2022 By: Zeynep İncedere